PTF Banquet: Honoring Parents and Volunteers

The Particle Technology Forum

Particle technology encompasses a wide range of academic and industrial activities related to the manufacture and handling of particle based materials. Its scope includes characterization, digitalization, powder testing, and simulation of particle-based processes, mechanical behavior, and multiphase flow.

The PTF sponsors multiple sessions at most AIChE annual meetings and hosts a banquet each year. In addition, the PTF sponsors its own international conference.


In the Panel’s view, IFPRI’s most important activities must involve directly reaching potential users of the Institute’s outputs. For this to be possible, IFPRI must provide (1) research and data sets; (2) access to the methodologies used in the research; (3) training; and (4) communication.

The country programme activity in IFPRI has been developed in response to the need for (a) longer term institutional and research capacity strengthening in countries where IFPRI researchers are active; and (b) for a facilitating mechanism to ensure co-ordination and compatibility among individual research projects in the same country and region. A full-time position in the OD has been established for this purpose.

The OD has also stepped up its efforts to raise the visibility of the Institute through a wide range of outreach activities, including public awareness and media relations. The 2020 Vision initiative is one example. The OD is well-positioned to carry out this function because it has the expertise, stock of knowledge, and resources needed, and a political independence that makes it uniquely qualified in the CGIAR system.


The AIChE is the world’s leading professional organization for chemical engineers. Its members work in core process industries, emerging areas such as translational medicine, and serve society through research, education, and service. AIChE members benefit from the breadth of the profession and the depth of expertise.

In addition to comprehensive and specialty conferences, the Society also offers online & in-person education, eLibraries, webinars, and other resources. AIChE’s journals and books, including CEP and Process Safety Progress, keep professionals current on the latest advances in their fields.

The Minority Affairs Committee (MAC) has long been dedicated to increasing the participation of underrepresented minority engineers in the field. It has accomplished this by developing scholarship programs, supporting student travel to AIChE’s Annual Meeting, and providing mentorship. In the future, MAC will expand its efforts to include all minority communities. It will also establish the Eminent Engineers Forum, which will honor distinguished engineers with symposiums featuring invited speakers at the AIChE Annual Meeting.


WCPT members have a lot of freedom in how they celebrate and publicize World Physical Therapy Day. The organization offers ideas, materials and its own publicity, but it is up to individual member organizations and physical therapists to create the right message for their community. The WCPT also works with other partners to highlight the importance of physical activity.

A number of EC members are members of the Board of the Global Rehabilitation Alliance, which aims to improve international health and human rights through rehabilitation. These members come from Australia, Ecuador, Ireland, Japan, Malta and Trinidad and Tobago and represent hundreds of WCPT member organizations worldwide.

WCPT’s solicitor met with the EC to discuss trends in corporate governance and consider revision of the Articles of Association as well as establishing a company while retaining the charity’s charitable status. The EC also discussed the role of WCPT in continuing professional development and decided to work towards the organisation being recognised as a provider of CPD.

PTF Banquet

The PTF Banquet is an annual event that honors the hard work of parents and volunteers. It also gives parents a chance to see the many talents and gifts their children have. The event was held in the cafeteria and included several games and activities. The kids participated eagerly and with enthusiasm. Some of the activities included singing, acting and reciting poems.

The IFPRI is an international association of companies and academic researchers engaged in particle science and technology. It promotes information exchange, scholarship and research in all fields related to particle science and technology. Its members represent some of the largest manufacturing industries: bulk and specialty chemicals, minerals, construction, coatings, detergents, and foods. They work with some of the world’s best academic researchers in particle science and technology.

The PTF BPI 2023 conference was held October 30 to November 1 at the King and Prince Resort in St. Simons Island, Georgia. The meeting featured a mix of business and pleasure with pre-conference golf, technical workshops on wood adhesives, and a trade show featuring the latest equipment and sensor technologies.

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