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Technology Leadership Conferences

Technology leadership conferences are a great place to network with other technology leaders. These events can provide you with the latest trends and new ideas to improve your business.

Technological leadership can be broken down into four components: assessing the value of a genre or individual technology, making reasonably accurate forecasts of when general technological development will reach a point where it can productively be applied, managing aspects of a specific technology’s life cycle and transferring technology throughout an organization.

EFCG 2023 Technology Leadership Conference

This conference is the premier event for technology and innovation leaders. It features keynote speakers, panel discussions and workshops. The conference also offers networking opportunities and is free for attendees. The EFCG 2023 Technology Leadership Conference is an excellent opportunity for tech leaders to learn from industry experts and network with other professionals.

Whether you’re a technical leader, a software development team manager or an engineer seeking to become more senior, this conference is for you. The event focuses on the skills and habits that you need to succeed as a software development leader. It also covers topics such as Agile methods, software engineering management and talent acquisition.

The Leadership Conference coalition works to ensure that new technologies further, rather than hinder, civil rights protections and expand media diversity and access to broadband. Its members include a wide variety of organizations that promote equity in our society and economy. They are committed to ensuring that our nation’s media, telecommunications and technology policies promote equity in a free and pluralistic democracy.

IT Leadership Forum

The IT Leadership Forum is designed for current and emerging senior-level technology leaders and the industry partners that support them. The invitation-only event provides a space to collaborate while addressing important policy, management and leadership issues impacting the future of digital government.

The program includes one in-person session and three virtual sessions that are 2.5 hours in length between September and November. Participants stay with the same group throughout the entire program, allowing for long-lasting and authentic relationship-building.

During this course, attendees will learn how to amplify their impact by leading IT beyond the function, leveraging Gartner’s expert guidance and CIO peer insights to accelerate business transformation and enable the future of work. The course also covers proven strategies to attract, retain and develop IT talent that can adapt to the accelerating pace of change. Scholarships are available to help defray costs.

HMG Strategy Executive Leadership Summits

Join world-class business technology leaders at the HMG Strategy Executive Leadership Summits. The events offer a platform for CIOs and CISOs to share their leadership strategies for overcoming challenges in the current business environment. Attendees will have a chance to hear about innovative solutions and technologies that can help them increase their efficiency.

Speakers at these events will explore how hot technologies such as AI, ChatGPT and cloud platforms can be used to foster a collaborative culture and innovate in a safe and secure enterprise. Moreover, they will also explore how to build strong partnerships with vendors to tap into cost-containment opportunities.

These events will provide an opportunity for business technology executives to identify and develop new business opportunities. Attendees will learn from the experiences of top-tier technology executives and make valuable 1-to-1 connections with their peers. There has never been a better time to be a business technology leader.

Code Conference

Whether you’re a code official, architect, engineer, contractor, PMG or fire safety professional, Code Conference brings together stakeholders from across the country to share ideas and discuss the latest developments in building science and codes. You can also attend a series of talks and workshops to learn more about current and future trends in the field.

When Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg launched their first All Things Digital Conference 20 years ago, the iPhone was still four years away from release. That’s a long time in tech. But this year marked Swisher’s last year hosting and organizing the conference, which attracts some of the biggest names in tech for Swisher’s signature red chair interviews. Insider’s Ben Bergman got a front-row seat at Code Conference this week, from rubbing shoulders with CEOs like Disney’s Bob Iger and Amazon’s Andy Jassy to playing poker with angel investors. It’s all in his report below.

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