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The Wireless Technology Forum

Wireless technology is a powerful new tool that allows you to connect your home appliances and other electronics without connecting wires. Some examples include wireless keyboards and mice, wireless speakers, and wireless smart sensors.

The wireless technology forum is a group of companies that are committed to the innovative utilization of spectrum for the development of essential or critical communications systems. Its members collaborate to achieve these objectives through events and committee projects.

Founded in 1996

The wireless technology forum is an industry association dedicated to driving the future of radio communications and systems worldwide. Its members are international equipment vendors, subsystem vendors, software developers, communication service providers, technology users, research and engineering organizations, and academic institutions. The organization is also involved in the development of wireless technology for government agencies and military applications.

The first smart phone is released to the public by IBM and features a calendar, address book, calculator, email, and fax capabilities. The number of wireless subscribers exceeds 100 million in the United States. The FCC lifts restrictions on the maximum cellular airwave bandwidth of individual carriers.

Wireless technology is used to connect a variety of devices and appliances, including cordless phones, laptop computers, digital cameras, and coffee machines. It is also used in point-to-point microwave links and broadcasting, as well as to connect devices over long distances. In addition, wireless technology is being used to develop new services that improve education, strengthen civic participation and nurture community networks.

WInnForum is a cohort of businesses, organizations and academics

The members of WInnForum include equipment and subsystem vendors, technology developers, communications service providers, academic institutions, research organizations and more. Its members collaborate to advance technologies that support innovative utilization of spectrum and development of wireless communications systems, including essential and critical communications. The organization’s committee projects and events also act as a venue for networking with business partners and competitors.

The organization’s latest project involves the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) band. CBRS is a new set of rules that allows the government to share its spectrum with commercial businesses, such as mobile operators and internet service providers. The organization has been working with the federal government to develop the specifications and processes for using the CBRS band.

The Forum’s SSC is now focused on preparing the work items for an FCC auction, establishing a framework for sharing spectrum and providing a registry for CBSD devices. The group’s deliverables will also include a SAS Portal that provides PAL licensees with a dedicated portal and user credentials for managing their PAL allocation.

WInnForum utilizes PKI certificates

A PKI certificate allows users to define a system cryptographically so that bits can run anywhere and communicate securely. This is especially important in the Internet of Things, where many devices are vulnerable to attacks and spoofing. PKI certificates can be used to identify the origin of data or a device, as well as provide authentication and security services.

The CBRS Foundation and the CBRS Alliance have released a new set of educational resources on the security benefits of PKI. These include webinars, white papers, and on-demand podcasts. They cover topics such as quantum-resistant cryptography, and how to secure the IoT with PKI.

CommScope has been approved as the CBRS Root of Trust Certificate Authority by WInnForum. The company operates every type of certificate defined by the organization including end-entity certificates, and customer-operated sub-CA certificates. All end-entity certificates and sub-CAs are issued by CommScope Sentry(tm), which is WebTrust-certified against both general WebTrust requirements, and the WInnForum-specific Certificate Policy.

WInnForum acts as a venue for its members

WInnForum acts as a venue for its members and their companies to collaborate on wireless technology projects. These include hardware and software vendors, technology developers, service providers, researchers and academic institutions. The Forum’s proven development process and strong IPR policy help to speed the advancement of these projects. This helps to enable these new technologies to get to market more quickly and achieve economies of scale in supporting them through standards based interoperation.

In addition to the work of its Committees, the Forum has developed multiple reports, recommendations and specifications that are used throughout the advanced wireless community. These can be found in the Forum’s Document Library.

WInnForum member CommScope has been approved as a Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) Root of Trust Certificate Authority. This is a major milestone for the CBRS ecosystem and provides a clear path for commercial deployment of devices in the 3550-3700 MHz band. This is the first time a manufacturer has been approved for this role.

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